My Tribute to Gino Vannelli

Gino VanelliAlthough I have always respected the talents of Sinatra, Elvis, Dean Martin, and the golden tones of Nat Cole, Johnny Mathis, and Bing Crosby, they were all pretty much before my time. I truly cut my teeth on the Rock and Roll vocalists of the 60’s and 70’s, including Jim Morrison, David Clayton-Thomas, Tom Jones, and Barry Manilow.

But, in the mid 1970’s, I discovered an Italian-Canadian vocalist and composer named Gino Vannelli, and I have been following his stellar career ever since. This international superstar from Montreal has moved and inspired me more than any vocalist from any era. His completely unique way of singing a song, as well as his exquisitely written lyrics and arrangements are stunning in their beauty and genius in their complexities. Whenever I plan to perform one of his songs for my audience, I study, line by line, how he sings it during my private rehearsals. Gino is a man who sings every one of his songs from R&B to Jazz, even to singing operatically in four different languages, totally from the heart. Although nobody sings like him, I aspire to do the same as I learn from this Maestro and Master Vocalist every day.

When you seek out Gino’s music, listen to “The Last Dance”, “People Gotta Move”, “Wheels of Life”, “Venus Envy”, “Wilderness Road”, “Brother to Brother”, “Parole Per Mio Padre” ,”Canto”, “Measure of a Man”, “Livin Inside Myself ” , “Jojo”, “I Just Wanna Stop”, “Rock Me To Heaven”, “Put the Weight On My Shoulders”. There are way too many more songs to mention immortalized on 14 meticulously produced albums, but these will give you an idea of his incredible range. Thank you Gino, for inspiring me to sing and play my very best every day.