Cruise Entertainment

I don’t do a lot of vacations with my busy performance schedule, but I just returned with my family from a Caribbean cruise. My Dad is turning 90, and taking all of us on this cruise was his way of celebrating. It was so much fun, and WARM! You know, they always say that the food on board ship is wonderful, but the best part of this cruise for me was the entertainment. The nightly shows were so well done, with large-cast choreography and musical arrangements worthy of Broadway.

Georgia Bridgwater, Joe, and Will ForakerI was not part of the entertainment on this cruise, but while on board ship, I befriended the two entertainers you see in the photo. To my right, is the lovely and beguiling Georgia Bridgwater from the UK who has become my favorite female vocalist! She sang Adele songs as fine as the originals, and when she sang “My Funny Valentine” , my jaw dropped! She will have a CD out soon, be sure to look for it if you like standards and Jazz. The fellow on my left with the winning smile is Will Foraker, a truly gifted pianist who entertained us almost every night. I’m not easily impressed, but these are two people I’m not soon to forget, and Yea, I had a blast on this cruise!

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